Lots of pictures taken around our "home away from home"..
...for only seven days

house6sm.jpg - 1.7 K
The front door
frntydsm.jpg - 1.8 K
Front yard?

snwbnksm.jpg - 1.9 K
Snowbank in front yard

snwfrmsm.jpg - 1.8 K
Odd snow formation

yardsm.jpg - 1.7 K
View down the valley
housesml.jpg - 1.7 K
The lower driveway

kitchsm.jpg - 1.9 K
Lynn in the kitchen
kitmjcbs.jpg - 1.7 K
More folks in th kitchen
decksmal.jpg - 2.0 K
View from the top deck

decklwsm.jpg - 1.9 K
Up the valley

Snow on the deck

Snow blower
Still more pictures to come!